How to manage your tractor tyres’ slip ratio

Does earth accumulate between the lugs of your tractor tyre?
Controlling your slip ratio can contribute significantly to improving work efficiency and therefore reduce the time spent on this type of activity.

Several key elements depend on your tractor’s spin ratio. Indeed, poor management of this ratio leads to smoothing and soil compaction. The smoothing of the furrow bottom reinforces the plough plan and the accumulation of earth between the tractor tyre lugs increases fuel consumption.

Ideally the ratio should be between 12% and 15%. If the slip ratio is too low the tractor cannot develop enough tractive force whereas a slip ratio that is too high leads to loss of power and therefore an increase in fuel consumption.


Tutorial to calculate the slip ratio

formula calculate the slip ratio

*To calculate the number of rotations with tool, you need a person to help you. Having chosen a field representative of the work to be carried out, count the number of wheel rotations over a distance of 100 metres. The measurement must be done with the usual settings and using the same gear ratio over the full distance.

**To calculate the theoretical number of rotations, divide the circumference of the back wheel by 100 (in metres).

Several points must be taken into consideration in order to avoid tractor tyre slippage:

    • Firstly, make sure you use the tractor when the field is suitable for traffic. If not, the farmer will face a high risk of slippage leading to excess fuel consumption.

    • Secondly, to avoid generating power that cannot be converted into useful work, tyre pressure must be adjusted for use with each tool. The slip ratio can be halved merely by adjusting tyre pressure.

To establish optimum tyre pressure, take account of front and back weight distribution (weight of the tractor, weight of the tool + load transfer, weight of the front mass + load transfer)


More information

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This information is intended only to make you aware of the technical and functional aspects of agricultural tires and their use. It does not allow you to make a judgment or a definitive conclusion on a given problem. Only your agricultural tire expert is able to make a technical assessment and take a final decision, case by case.

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