As opposed to car or motorbike tyres, agricultural tyres, by definition, are not meant for the road. In reality, however, the time spent by tractors on the road is constantly on the rise due to the increasing distance between plots of land.

At the design stage, the priority for a tractor tyre

Do you know how to handle your agricultural tyres without damaging them?

During the year, you will inevitably have to handle your tractor tyres, whether to install seasonal tyre equipment, make repairs or store your equipment for the winter in the best possible conditions.

Golden rules for managing tyre breakdowns during the harvest

When the wheat has ripened and the humidity level is right, the harvest should begin right away and the equipment must be operational so that you can start work immediately. The slightest breakdown or tyre damage is like the sword of Damocles for the farmer, because the harvest is the culmination of his work and there is often a rush to complete the task before any crop deterioration occurs.

Info to help you know your agricultural tyres better and make savings

Did you know that you could extend the useful life of your agricultural tyres considerably simply by following the indications which are inscribed on your tyres, such as the load and speed index? You can also make your tyres last longer by maintaining them properly and by managing their storage better when they are not being used.

The simplest solution is to get a better understanding of the...

The 3 best techniques for storing your agricultural tyres

What are the consequences of bad storage of your seasonal equipment’s agricultural tyres or your tractor tyres during the winter?What might happen, for example, if you leave the tyres on a stationary machine after its last use, without modifying their pressure or position?

In this case, the mass of the tractor squashes the tyre and only the part of the sidewall closest to the ground is...

Do you know how to read all of the indications on your tractor tyres?

VF, IF, NRO, A8, 460 / 85 R 34... These series of digits and letters are not always easy to understand, but they are very important and by not understanding them you can make mistakes which could have serious financial consequences, as you may have to replace an axle earlier than planned, which would reduce your results.

So, what do these indications really mean and are they so important? To...

All the secrets of tractor tyres, agricultural tyres or farm tyres

Have you ever asked yourself about the markings on agricultural tyres, whether you’re buying new or used? While you don’t need to study them under the microscope, they do provide important information on farming tyres which will be particularly useful if you wish to sell them one day. Although the meanings of the markings can differ from one manufacturer to another, producers are obliged to...

Understanding the manufacturer’s technical information on agricultural tyres

Each agricultural tyre has specific characteristics (size, profile, brand, performance indexes…). This information, provided by the constructor, must be fully understood to be adapted to the farm machine (tractor, combine, forestry… tyres) and to its use.

Do you know the rules for storing your farm tyres correctly?

Seasonal machinery often needs to be stored at some stage in the year and tyres are no exception. As winter is coming, here are a few rules which will help you to store store your agricultural tyres in the best conditions and prolong their lifespan..

How to check the condition of your harvester tyres before the harvest

A few months have gone by since the beginning of your agricultural campaign and the condition of your harvester tyres may have deteriorated.For your safety, a tyre check-up is essential before the next harvest. This can be done in less than 10 minutes!

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