agricultural tyres technical data

Understanding the manufacturer’s technical information on agricultural tyres

Each agricultural tyre has specific characteristics (size, profile, brand, performance indexes…).
This information, provided by the constructor, must be fully understood to be adapted to the farm machine (tractor, combine, forestry… tyres) and to its use.

Each agricultural tyre has several characterising features

The image below summarises the different parameters of a farming tyre:

scheme of the different parameters of the tyre

  • Cross-section
  • Tyre diameter
  • Static loaded radius
  • Tyre rolling circumference
  • Recommended and/or permitted rims
  • Optimal inflation pressure
  • Speed


To use your tyres correctly, you need to make sure the tyre pressure corresponds to the load and the speed

A tractor’s speed and load will differ between road use and use in the fields. You must adjust the tyre pressure to avoid overloading or premature wear.

Certain tyres, equipped with IF and VF technology for example, will facilitate the farmer’s work.

Bridgestone app for calculating tractor tire pressure

You don’t need to take speed into account in the pressure adjustments (unless the speed exceeds 65 km/h). You just need to match the tyre pressure with the estimated load.

The Firestone app (available on Android and iPhone) is there to help you configure the pressure. After you have chosen a tyre from among over 200 models, you must indicate the load to be carried by your tyres.

You will automatically be told the optimal pressure to enable you to make your adjustments.

› Download the FIRESTONE AG app for Androïd or iPhone for free


The tyre quality is important but be aware that the tyre pressure can also have potentially serious consequences, including the tractor overturning.


If you would like to read more about the causes and consequences of overturning, download the eBook below for free:

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This information is intended only to make you aware of the technical and functional aspects of agricultural tires and their use. It does not allow you to make a judgment or a definitive conclusion on a given problem. Only your agricultural tire expert is able to make a technical assessment and take a final decision, case by case.

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