Not all your engine power is directed into carrying out your work. Part of this power is used to operate your tractor and another part is lost due to incorrect settings or failure to optimise your equipment. The power dedicated to traction varies from 30 to 62% depending on your choices, your

Demonstration of soil compaction linked to your tractor tyres

Soil compaction appears to be a very secondary effect and the fact that it is not directly visible often makes it the last of your thoughts. Soil compaction happens, it is real and our expert has decided to make the invisible visible to help you make the right choice of tyres next time you need to replace them.

The location of your farm is important, of course, because the type of soil is a...

Expert opinion on soil compaction caused by tractor tyres

Soil compaction is one of the major factors in the deterioration of agricultural land (after hydraulic erosion).

Interview with Hubert Boizard - INRA

Hubert BOIZARD managed the Agro Impact research unit at INRA in Laon-Estrées Mons (France). He took part in and coordinated a great deal of research work including soil compaction studies.

What you need to know about soil compaction caused by your tractor tyres

The quality of the soil on your land is a key factor in producing more. It’s your most precious asset and it would be a shame if the repeated agricultural machinery and trailer traffic were to alter so decisive an element for your economic balance. Did you know that excessive soil compaction could lead to a loss of yield of 20 to 50% in a few years?

This compaction impedes the regeneration...

3 soil conditions to understand to avoid compaction by your tractor tyres

A thorough knowledge of the soil in your fields will allow you to work more efficiently, to avoid excessive compacting and to optimise your yield.

How to reduce soil compaction after harvesting?

The harvesting period often sees an increase in the traffic of heavy machinery in your fields, the combine harvesters and the comings and goings of loaded trailers generate soil compaction which can be severe.

The catch crops will have very little impact on overly compacted soil and the solution is deep groundwork, with tilling being the optimal solution.

What are the consequences of the soil compaction caused by my tractor tyres?

The results of soil compaction by my tractor tyres may appear to be incidental, and there are of course many more important things to worry about on the farm. But contrary to appearances this slow and progressive soil compaction leads to an irremediable decline in production over time, and consequently to a reduction in your revenue. Learn just how far your production and yield can be...

Protect your soil during harvest for successful sowing in the future

You know that the success of your sowing depends largely on soil preparation. It is essential to work the soil correctly for good aeration and to encourage germination. You can however reduce the preparation work required by anticipating your impact on the soil (compaction) during the harvest thus increasing your productivity.

Spending less time working the soil will save you time and fuel...

What type of farming tyre is best for preventing ruts?

The creation of ruts is a problem that frequently arises in orchards, vineyards and forest environments, where there are repetitive passages of farm machinery on the same spots during treatment and harvesting periods, sometimes in wet conditions.

Ruts can also occur in field crop contexts. Rut creation is often confused with soil compaction and while the two are related, they are usually not...

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