When you buy a new tractor, you make a choice that corresponds to your precise need. You consider power of course, but also whether your tractor is suited to your implements or the work you plan to carry out; you take into account tractor handling, comfort and all the options that could improve

Where does the economic interest in the VF agricultural tyre lie for equipment sharing cooperatives?

In the case of VF tyres, the economic benefit is hidden behind a high purchase price, but savings are made throughout the life of the tyre. It’s easy to have a low price for a discount tyre, but we all know that the real value of a piece of quality equipment becomes clear when it is put into use.

Imagine finishing work in each field quicker, using up less fuel, imagine saving time by avoiding...

9 major points on soil compaction linked to tractor tyres

Efficient management of soil compaction is a crucial, often underestimated, challenge which has a direct impact on farm productivity. This article looks at the significant impact that tractor tyres have on soil compaction, which is a slow, insidious problem that can considerably reduce a field’s production capacity, often without the farmer realising. Through studies, expert analyses and...

Which agricultural tyre preserves the soil’s production capacities?

The quality of your harvest depends on the quality of your soil. What cannot be seen, such as excess soil compaction, should nonetheless not be ignored. After the harvest, soil preparation is very important to restore the soil’s production capacities and ensure good yields for the following season. But preparing the soil is not enough if your machines start compacting the soil again when they...

Technological farming innovations to avoid soil compaction

Over the last decade we have seen more and more technological farming innovations aimed at soil preservation. Technology is moving forward at a rapid pace, led by bigger, heavier and more powerful machines to improve productivity. Tyres are part of this evolution, and all the systems that make it possible to adapt pressure in real time add further possibilities in terms of increasing the load...

Which agricultural tyre helps you to preserve soil fertility?

Soil fertility is crucial to ensuring good yields, as the more your plant root systems can develop, the more productive your land will be. Soil porosity is very important and corresponds to the space between mineral particle aggregates and organic matter. These pores allow water and air to circulate within the soil, but above all they enable your fertiliser inputs to infiltrate the deeper layers...

Why analyse the soil footprint of your agricultural tyres?

Your tractor’s footprint is usually concealed by the towed implement, yet at a glance and in a matter of seconds it could help you detect, before the beginning of a campaign, a pressure irregularity or incorrect setting which could affect your soil. Excessive compaction beneath the tyre destructures the soil and prevents the filtration of water, air and nutrients. Deep soil compaction is...

Demonstration of soil compaction linked to your tractor tyres

Soil compaction appears to be a very secondary effect and the fact that it is not directly visible often makes it the last of your thoughts. Soil compaction happens, it is real and our expert has decided to make the invisible visible to help you make the right choice of tyres next time you need to replace them.

The location of your farm is important, of course, because the type of soil is a...

Expert opinion on soil compaction caused by tractor tyres

Soil compaction is one of the major factors in the deterioration of agricultural land (after hydraulic erosion).

Interview with Hubert Boizard - INRA

Hubert BOIZARD managed the Agro Impact research unit at INRA in Laon-Estrées Mons (France). He took part in and coordinated a great deal of research work including soil compaction studies.

What you need to know about soil compaction caused by your tractor tyres

The quality of the soil on your land is a key factor in producing more. It’s your most precious asset and it would be a shame if the repeated agricultural machinery and trailer traffic were to alter so decisive an element for your economic balance. Did you know that excessive soil compaction could lead to a loss of yield of 20 to 50% in a few years?

This compaction impedes the regeneration of...


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