Not all your engine power is directed into carrying out your work. Part of this power is used to operate your tractor and another part is lost due to incorrect settings or failure to optimise your equipment. The power dedicated to traction varies from 30 to 62% depending on your choices, your

7 advantages of low-pressure tyres compared to normal tyres

If you have to change your tractor tyres, you will be faced with the problem of choice. There are so many options and different brands available that this choice is often a real headache. You may well tell yourself that the simplest thing to do is to take the same tyres as last time, to make your life easy. However, you now have a real opportunity to improve your tractor’s capacities. This...

Farming tyres, pressure monitoring or full Central Tyre Inflation System CTIS

It may well seem easier to choose a mid-range pressure at 1.2 bar which can be acceptable for road transport and acceptable for field work. Choosing to compromise with this in-between solution would have terrible consequences on your profitability, although you may not be aware of it. On the road, you consume more fuel and your tyres wear out more quickly. In the fields, you spin more, the...

How to get rid of the tractor tyre pressure adjustment step

You certainly think that this problem does not arise, because you do not currently take the time to change the pressure between the road and the fields, often due to lack of time and because this operation seems secondary to you compared to the urgency of the work that you are going to do.

Yet the financial consequences of the failure to adapt your tyre pressure between different types of...

12 tips to better manage the pressure of your agricultural tyres

Simply by adjusting the pressure of your agricultural tyres before using your tractor, you can avoid many inconveniences. On road surfaces, under inflating your tyres will accelerate wear to the tyre rubber, while over inflating may lead to accidents while driving fast and encourage the development of ruts and soil compaction in your fields.

By checking your tyre pressure regularly, you can...

Pressure: it’s the volume of air in the tractor tyre that counts

You must always bear in mind that the only link between your machine (its power, its weight) and the ground, is your tyre. That is why this part of the equipment, which is essential to work successfully, is so important.

The mass borne by your tractor tyres depends essentially on the quantity of air contained in each tyre, so either you force compressible air into the tyre or you increase...

How can I be sure that my agricultural tyres are always at the right pressure

Managing your tyre pressure is a daily constraint and regrettably a lot of us don’t take the time to make the necessary adjustments, preferring to use an intermediate pressure level which can adapt to all situations and all soil types. This is unfortunately the most expensive option.

Yes, you’ll save a few minutes per day, but as a result...

How much does it cost you not to adjust the pressure of your agricultural tyres

A lot of people consider that adjusting the pressure of agricultural tyres is not important in the management of your farm, and that you have other, more urgent things to take care of everyday. And it’s true that this task takes time, requires materials and is very repetitive, in short it adds a task that you may be tempted to avoid by using a intermediate pressure that works on the road and...

No, adjusting the pressure of your tractor tyres is not optional

If you could reduce the fuel consumption of your tractor each day, it would save you a substantial amount each month, and at the end of the year, an increase in your profit margin and operating results.

So why would you consider that adjusting the pressure of your tractor tyres is optional and not take those extra few minutes to save litres of fuel?

Non-adjusted tyre pressure will lead to damage to my tyres

When they design a tyre, constructors anticipate a specific adapted working pressure to get the best performance from agricultural tyres. This pressure can vary over time depending on the temperature, the load and the tyre’s condition.

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