Farming tyres are becoming increasingly technological, specialising to meet the specific needs of each of your activities. Whether you are driving a lot on the roads between your fields, transporting your harvest, working in the farmyard or mainly in the fields, your tyres need to perform

Which is the best tyre for field crop farming?

Your farm specialises in field crops. For wheat, rapeseed, barley, corn or beetroot… and for your various ploughing, sowing, spraying or harvesting activities you can increase your yield by optimising your equipment and in particular your tyres, which are the sole connection between the soil and your farm machinery. There are as many different tyre models and possibilities as there are...

Differences between discount and quality tractor tyres

It’s often difficult to understand the difference in price between different brands of tractor tyre when buying new tyres and you are faced with this problem. Is it necessary to choose a more expensive quality equipment or can you opt for the cheapest, low-end tyre which costs less?

To help you with your choice, here are the differences between a discount tractor tyre and a more high-tech...

Buying guide: 10 important tips for choosing the right farming tyres

While they are often overlooked in the search for the best tractor and the most powerful engine, tyres play a key role in your farming work. They are the main link between your machine and the soil, they guarantee your security, facilitate a better yield and improve your working conditions.

However, to buy the best farming tyres there are a few things you should take into consideration to...

A good agricultural tyre is the best guarantee of sprayer stability

The width and weight of the boom creates a problem of load transfer, significant instability linked to unlevel terrain, and therefore imprecision in the application of inputs.

The solution is choosing the right tyres for the whole combination vehicle, tractor and sprayer. This is definitely the most important point for boom stability.

Increase the yield of your sprayer with narrow VF tyres

Spraying machinery is developing rapidly, bigger, heavier, more powerful and multi-purpose, it requires that you assess your tyres to ensure that you are not damaging your crops or causing harm to your soil.

Whether you are using a tractor with a sprayer or a self-propelled sprayer, you will need to drive on roads and in the fields in the best possible conditions, whatever the type of soil...

Standard farming tyre or forestry tractor tyre for deforestation?

What are the main differences between a standard farming tyre and a forestry tractor tyre? This is the question that you need to ask when you decide to use your normal tractor for deforestation of your fields without replacing your standard tyres.

Using unsuitable equipment can cost you a lot of money, there’s a strong chance that your standard agricultural tyre will not resist for long in...

Cheap agricultural tyres, discount agricultural tyres, is it worth it?

Your tractor tyres are worn and must inevitably be changed. Of course, it’s tempting to opt for a cheap or discount agricultural tyre - low-cost, unknown brand - with the evident advantage of an immediate reduction of costs. You may feel like you got a good deal and saved on costs.

But is this really the best choice? In use, will this really be the best option and after a few ploughing...

4000 euros in savings per year by chosing a better agricultural tyre

Did you know that using a good tractor tyre can lead to considerable savings? Up to €4,000 per year depending on the size and quality of the agricultural tyre used.

Why and how can there be such a difference between using a good tyre and a cheap tractor tyre or discount agricultural tyre? Under what heading do these savings come?

Here’s how your agricultural tyres can save you money

Adapting your tyres to your farming activities will enable you to make savings; in one year you could save several thousand euro.

Ok, but saving on what exacly?

Savings in working time, fuel consumption, maintenance and repairs, in operating losses and in investment costs.

By controlling the technical elements of your tyres, you can make real savings.

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