Testimonial: the qualities of a premium agricultural tyre

Testimonial: What are the qualities of a premium agricultural tyre

When you replace your agricultural tyres, you may be tempted to go for the cheapest, standard model on the market to make a direct saving. This seems like a good idea, but in fact is quite the opposite. Of course, the debit from your bank account linked to the purchase will have less impact on your cash flow, but the most standard tyre models are not very resistant to load or wear, they require a higher inflation pressure, the self-cleaning capacity is limited and traction inefficient, so the part of the payment that you didn’t spend when you bought the tyres will correspond to the daily cost of using tyres that slip if the soil is wet, have a low traction capacity and wear quickly. That’s why it’s important to take into account the advantages you obtain from having premium agricultural tyres.

To speak about this directly, we have a testimonial from a farmer who gives his opinion on the matter.

Video testimonial on the qualities of a premium agricultural tyre

It’s when you actually use something that you really find out whether you have quality equipment. This applies to tyres, which is why we would like to present the testimonial of a farmer who has answered our questions on the qualities he is looking for in an agricultural tyre and on his recommendations after several thousand hours of use.

Testimonial on the qualities of a premium agricultural tyre

This testimonial shows the top-of-the-range positioning of the Bridgestone brand in the agricultural sector.
The far superior quality of its tyres really makes the difference and generally for the farmers who work with these tyres, there’s no turning back and they remain loyal to the brand for ever.


1. What distinguishes a premium agricultural tyre from a standard tyre

It must be said that all tyres look similar based on external appearance, which leads people to believe that all models are equivalent and the cost is simply linked to brand notoriety.

The positive differences with a premium agricultural tyre

A premium agricultural tyre stands out from a standard tyre due to technical innovations that radically transform its efficiency and durability.

The composition of the rubber is a key factor which influences longevity and resistance to wear. Unlike standard models, top-of-the-range tyres contain better quality components such as natural rubber for its elasticity and robustness, and additives which improve durability.

The structure of the tyre itself, which results from in-depth research work, is designed to bear heavy loads and to operate at low pressure, thus protecting the soil.

Layers of textile are included to reinforce shock and puncture resistance, while maintaining the flexibility necessary for agricultural labours. In addition, the tread design is optimised to maximise traction, reducing slip and improving self-cleaning capacities.

These characteristics, combined with a meticulous assembly process and advanced research, make premium agricultural tyres much more efficient and lasting than their standard counterparts.


2. Why are wear resistance and longevity so important?

You will inevitably have to renew your tyres, but you can influence the frequency of renewal, which is what really makes a difference in terms of your budget.
If your premium agricultural tyre costs 25 to 30% more than a standard tyre on the date of purchase, but it lasts 50% longer, the real saving is made with the premium model, given that it will also facilitate your work thanks to its other cumulated qualities.

Longevity: one of the principal qualities of premium agricultural tyres

These tyres, designed with high quality materials, guarantee exceptional longevity.

  • Their composition includes a complex blend of natural and synthetic rubber, enriched with components such as Styrene butadiene and butadiene, respectively improving the resistance of the tread to abrasion and of the sidewalls to impacts.
  • Specific additives such as carbon black, zinc oxide, protective agents and sulphur are incorporated to reinforce mechanical resistance, tolerance of high temperatures, protection against oxidation and weather related damage.
  • In addition, the construction of the casing plays an essential role in the longevity of the tyre. Made up of higher quality layers of fabric, such as polyester, nylon or rayon, the casing ensures increased resistance to impacts, perforation and deformation, while preserving the suppleness and the dynamic qualities of the tyre.

These characteristics make premium agricultural tyres a strategic choice for an extended lifespan and efficiency, especially in demanding working conditions.


3. Your agricultural tyre is kind to your soil in order to protect your yields

The major drawback of the standard agricultural tyre is its limited load capacity when working at a low inflation pressure.

To avoid compacting your soil, it is essential to keep a low pressure in your tyres. Unfortunately, the only way of offsetting the load of your implements with standard tyres is to increase the pressure to avoid the tyres being crushed by the overall weight.
This is where premium agricultural tyres make the difference, as their structural qualities allow them to work at lower pressure, thus protecting soil fertility.

Premium agricultural tyres are kind to your soil
Premium agricultural tyres are kind to your soil

It’s your choice of tyre that will help soil preservation

Premium agricultural tyres are designed to protect the soil and therefore to guarantee your future yields.

Excess soil compaction, often caused by the use of heavy machines with inappropriate tyres, has a negative impact on the structure and fertility of the soil.
Soil porosity, which is effectively essential for the circulation of water and air, and for the absorption of inputs by the roots, can be seriously compromised as a result of excessive compaction.

Premium agricultural tyres, in particular those designed to work at low pressure like Bridgestone’s tyres, reduce soil compaction and protect the structure of the arable layer of soil.
In addition, these tyres offer optimal control of the slip ratio and a better management of torque, which are essential for maintaining traction without damaging the soil.

Choosing premium agricultural tyres is therefore a strategic investment for long-term soil health and the maximisation of agricultural yields.


4. Good traction capacities with longer lugs

Traction is also a differentiating element between the different categories of tyres. It results from several factors which combine to obtain optimal traction.

The design, the length and the shape of the lugs play a decisive role, but also the tyre’s capacity to flatten out on the surface of the ground when working at low pressure to increase the number of lugs simultaneously in contact with the soil. This is one of the features of premium agricultural tyres.

VX-R TRACTOR tyre with very efficient traction
VX-R TRACTOR tyre with very efficient traction

A higher traction capacity will save you money

Premium agricultural tyres differentiate themselves through their higher traction capacity, which is essential for efficient use of your tractor’s engine power. The tyres’ small contact patch with the soil plays a decisive role in the transmission of power to the ground and has a direct influence on the work effort, the capacity to tract heavy implements and torque.

Rolling resistance and slip are two key factors that affect the transmission of power. Thanks to the advance technology and the optimised design of premium tyres, rolling resistance is minimised and slip is efficiently controlled.

This is all the more true for models such as the VX-R TRACTOR tyre, which, with its wider effective section width on the ground, provides a higher traction capacity.
This results in a significant improvement in energy efficiency and better productivity, allowing farmers to do more work in less time and with less fuel consumption.

On the right, the section width of the VX-R TRACTOR tyre corresponds to the actual width of the tread on the ground, unlike with the standard tyre on the left
On the right, the section width of the VX-R TRACTOR tyre
corresponds to the actual width of the tread on the ground,
unlike with the standard tyre on the left


5. Why Bridgestone is a major player in the premium agricultural tyre sector

The Bridgestone group’s research and development teams are working constantly to improve its tyres. Through a methodical optimisation of each detail, even the tiniest element, they have obtained an overall tyre quality that is far better than their competitors, placing the group at the top of the scale for premium agricultural tyre production.

A new generation of premium agricultural tyres

The Bridgestone group’s latest premium agricultural tyre model, the VX-R TRACTOR tyre, represents a technological breakthrough in this domain. Here are the details and qualities that distinguish it from standard models:

  • More efficient transmission of power:
    Thanks to a wider tread, the VX-R TRACTOR tyre provides better transmission of power to the ground, thus improving traction and stability while limiting slip.

  • Significant reduction of compaction:
    The design of the tyre leads to a more even distribution of the weight over a larger surface area, thus minimising the impact on the soil. They are perfect for your beet and rapeseed sowing operations as well as for use with trailed or mounted sprayers.

  • Optimised lead:
    The design of the VX-R TRACTOR tyre targets an ideal lead ratio of 2.5%, reducing tyre wear, mechanical wear and improving energy efficiency.

The objective of the VX-R TRACTOR tyre is to obtain optimal lead
The objective of the VX-R TRACTOR tyre is to obtain optimal lead
  • Extended lifespan:
    The rubber compound contains top quality components and plant based oils, increasing resistance to damage and to wear.

  • More sustainable development:
    Bridgestone’s ENLITEN technology offers a more robust casing structure, reducing rolling resistance and fuel consumption, while protecting your land thanks to a design that limits soil disturbance.

  • Comfort and stability on the road:
    The VX-R TRACTOR tyre offers you a reliable and comfortable ride, which is greatly appreciated during travel by road.

VX-R TRACTOR tyre: stable and comfortable on the road
VX-R TRACTOR tyre: stable and comfortable on the road

Investing in Bridgestone’s VX-R TRACTOR tyre represents a strategic choice for farmers concerned with efficiency, durability and soil preservation.


Premium agricultural tyres, like Bridgestone’s innovative VX-R TRACTOR model, are redefining standards of performance, durability and respect for the environment in the agricultural tyre sector.
Thanks to their advanced design, these long-lasting tyres optimise the transmission of engine power, reduce the impact on the soil and improve energy efficiency.
They therefore represent a strategic answer to the current challenges of farming, combining improved productivity and the preservation of resources.
Premium agricultural tyres are therefore a must-have for more efficient farming that is more respectful of the environment.


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