VX-TRACTOR agricultural tyre option on a new New Holland T6 tractor

Good agricultural tyre option choices when buying your new tractor

When you buy a new tractor, you make a choice that corresponds to your precise need. You consider power of course, but also whether your tractor is suited to your implements or the work you plan to carry out; you take into account tractor handling, comfort and all the options that could improve your yields.
Tyres are one of the options that have an impact on just about every aspect, more or less directly. Choosing a powerful engine with poor quality tyres, cab suspension with tyres that are top rigid or a braking system with tyres that don’t grip well enough…
In all these cases going for a basic standard tyre will be counterproductive for your new tractor.

Choosing a superior quality tyre at the time of purchase is one of the best options, giving you the possibility of significantly boosting the capacities of your new tractor.

1. Why change tyres when you buy a new tractor?

Choosing a tyre option that is suited to your specific circumstances will always be an advantage, because your farm is different from everyone else’s, your work is specific to your own activities, crops, implements and your type of soil. This means that your agricultural tyres must be chosen with care to correspond to the precise requirements of your farm.

The tyres originally fitted on your tractor are generally average tyres, to adapt to an average situation, which rarely corresponds to your particular case. The standard tyres included in the purchase of the tractor may not be suited to the specific demands of your farm.

Opting for unsuitable equipment can lead to a drop in productivity, extra fuel consumption and the inability to get the most from your new machine.

A more resistant agricultural tyre option for harsh use in construction work
A more resistant agricultural tyre option
for harsh use in construction work

Taking a tyre option is a good business decision

It really is worthwhile going for the tyre option as a supplement at 1,000 euros (variable cost depending on the size) when you buy the tractor rather than having to change the 4 tyres when after using them for a few weeks you realise that the standard tyres originally fitted are not up to the task, that they slip and lead to considerable extra fuel consumption.

With an initial investment in quality tyres suited for your use, you will save money in the long run by avoiding premature replacement costs and loss of productivity.

Slip linked to excess pressure with unsuitable tyres
Slip linked to excess pressure with unsuitable tyres

Select premium tyres for your first tyre fitting

Depending on the machine chosen, premium Bridgestone tyres may be included as an option for your first tyre fitting when you place your order, which simplifies the choice and means that you are sure to have quality tyres on your new tractor.

This investment guarantees, right from the start, the most stringent norms in terms of performance, work efficiency and durability.


2. Take account of whether the tyres are well suited to your existing implements and the work to be done

To make the right option in terms of agricultural tyres, you must take account of the type of soil

This question is important in determining the lifespan of your tyres.

Loamy, sandy or silt-clay soils are not as abrasive as limestone or stoney ground.

The rocky particles present in the soil can effectively cause scratches or cuts to the tyre lugs, thus accelerating wear. It is therefore in your interest to choose a tyre model designed to resist wear such as the VX-TRACTOR tyre which is particularly efficient on rough soils.

Choose agricultural tyres suited to your type of soil
Choose agricultural tyres suited to your type of soil

How much load do your implements or trailers represent?

Excessive weight on standard tyres can lead to permanent deformation and premature wear.

Overloading often results in less efficiency and reduced tractor traction. It is therefore essential to follow the manufacturer recommendations in terms of maximum load on each axle.

Ideally, opt for large low-pressure tyres which are specially engineered to bear heavier loads, while maintaining their quality and durability.

What type of work do you do with your tractor tyres?

If you work mainly with field crops, VT-TRACTOR tyres could be your best ally.

Their large soil footprint offers optimal traction, thus reducing slip and premature wear.

With a greater load capacity linked to their low-pressure VF construction, these high-tech tyres are perfectly suited to the demands of intensive field crop farming.

VF VT-TRACTOR tyres perfectly suited to field cropping
perfectly suited to field cropping

For mixed crop-livestock farming (fields, farm courtyard, transport) opt for Bridgestone’s VX-TRACTOR tyres.

These premium tyres are made with a thicker tread which ensures that they have a longer wear life. This leads to substantial savings in the long run while reducing the costs linked to premature tyre replacement.


3. Which agricultural tyre option to choose?

Opting for the right agricultural tyre is important if you wish to maximise the efficiency of your new tractor. Using more high-tech tyres can help make significant savings while benefitting from non-negligible agronomic advantages.

Why change size or tyre series?

Each agricultural tyre model is designed for a specific use. If you work with a tyre that is under sized, with a low volume of air, or unsuitable for the use you make of it, there will be numerous disadvantages.

If the tyres on your new tractor are too small for your existing implements, the risk of slippage will increase, especially in wet conditions or on loose soil.

Tyres of the wrong size have a smaller contact patch with the ground. They cannot get enough purchase to bear the weight of your tools.

You will then be obliged to increase the inflation pressure to compensate for the load. Rolling resistance will increase and the tyre will sink further into the earth, causing soil damage and resulting in more slip.

You should bear in mind that excessive slip slows down your work rate and increases fuel consumption, making you lose both time and money.

Changes in tyre size allow you to increase the load
Changes in tyre size allow you to increase the load

Move up to extra-large to get the most from your new tractor

Extra-large tyres offer advantages in terms of traction and rolling resistance. By working with large sized tyres at a low inflation pressure you can effectively carry more load while reducing the slip ratio, which allows you to work quicker and wear out your tyres less.

The extra-large tyre has a larger soil footprint, improving horizontal traction and the transmission of tractive force to the ground.

Opting for large sized tyres enables you to harness the full power of your new tractor, to benefit from better energy efficiency and to reduce your fuel consumption.

Changing agricultural tyre series allows you to increase your contact patch with the ground
Changing agricultural tyre series allows you
to increase your contact patch with the ground

Change technology: switch to VF agricultural tyres

Unlike standard tyres, VF tyres stand apart due to their major technological differences which will significantly transform the results of your work.

These premium tyres are designed to work at a very low inflation pressure, thus minimising soil compaction and protecting crop root systems. In addition, by avoiding compaction they enable a better infiltration of water into the different layers of soil in order to optimise your yields, especially during dry seasons.

Their unique construction allows higher speeds for road links when going from one field to another, makes it possible to reduce the level of soil compaction, avoiding the costs and efforts associated with soil aeration work.

By switching to VF tyres, you can not only improve the efficiency of your tractor, but also reduce maintenance and repair costs on your land.


Why choose Bridgestone’s VF VT-TRACTOR agricultural tyre option?

Bridgestone’s VF VT-TRACTOR tyres offer a unique combination of advantages in terms of performance, durability and comfort, thus contributing towards more productive, profitable and environmentally friendly farming:

  • Better traction
  • Reduction in soil compaction
  • Protection of crop root systems
  • Preservation of biological life in the soil
  • Reduction in fuel consumption
  • Reduction in the slip ratio
  • Longer wear life
  • Improved driving comfort
  • Avoiding soil aeration work
  • Better profitability

Opting for low-pressure VT-TRACTOR tyres will save you time during trips between road and fields, with a single pressure setting based on load.
They guarantee a more efficient use of your new tractor while protecting the health of your soil.

Bridgestone’s VF VT-TRACTOR tyres on a new Massey Fergusson tractor
Bridgestone’s VF VT-TRACTOR tyres
on a new Massey Fergusson tractor

4. How to change the tyre option when you buy your new tractor

Each new tyre combination can be defined by an online tool available at your tyre dealer’s, with no need to worry about the front/rear combinations proposed as these have been studied and approved with the manufacturers.

This tyre configuration possibility lets you choose the most suitable tyres for your specific needs, thus guaranteeing optimal performance levels for your new machine in the field.

By working in close collaboration with the manufacturers, tyre dealers can offer you expert advice to maximise the efficiency of your new tractor.



A new tractor with unsuitable tyres for your specific activity can lead to a drop in productivity, extra fuel consumption and premature wear.

By choosing the premium tyre option when you buy your tractor, you make a judicious decision which will allow you to make the most of numerous long-term benefits; improvement in your new tractor’s performance levels, soil preservation, reduction in fuel consumption, reduction in tyre replacement frequency…

Don’t hesitate to contact your dealer for expert advice and to work out the Bridgestone tyre combination that is the best suited to the specific needs of your farming activities.


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