Bridgestone tyres to boost the performance of your agricultural contracting company

Which agricultural tyre boosts the performance of your agricultural contracting company?

The quality of your equipment can make the difference in terms of the level of service offered by your agricultural contracting firm. Your machines and implements are directly concerned, but equipment such as tyres also have a role to play. Your choice of tyres is decisive as far as protecting your clients’ soil is concerned, as well as obtaining better traction and less slip. In terms of savings while completing the work to be done, good tyres last longer over time, help you to reduce fuel costs, to work more rapidly and to offer better quality services. Having high-tech tyres which protect the soil and limit compaction is a real sales argument in the eyes of your clients. If you choose large sized low-pressure tyres with a high volume of air, this will mean that you can work with wider implements and improve the rapidity with which you complete your operations. Being able to carry out high quality work more rapidly, while protecting your client’s assets, is a mark of top performance.

In this article we look at the tyres that can bring real added value to your machines and improve the quality of your services:

1. Can a tyre that protects the soil make your agricultural contracting company more efficient?

Soil preservation allows you to maintain the productivity of your agricultural fields on a long-term basis. The first and most important step is the choice of tyres, since they are the principle elements in direct contact with the ground. When it comes to replacing your tyres for the first time, you can opt for more high-tech tyres than were originally fitted, with high value added.

Low-pressure VF tyres for soil preservation
Low-pressure VF tyres for soil preservation

Less compaction with supple yet robust tyres

Among the different models available, large size VF tyres bring many significant advantages.  Thanks to their technology which allows them to work at a very low inflation pressure and offers improved flexion in the sidewalls, these premium tyres significantly reduce soil compaction during agricultural work. They protect the soil against excessive compaction, encourage better crop root growth and reduce erosion.

Quicker work with wider implements

The use of large sized VF tyres allows agricultural contracting companies to optimise their working time and resources. These high-tech tyres with a high volume of air can effectively cope with heavier, wider implements, which improves overall productivity in record time. This results in improved profitability and greater customer satisfaction.

VF tyres to work with wider implements
VF tyres to work with wider implements

The VT-TRACTOR tyre: a true ally for agricultural contracting companies

When working at a low inflation pressure, Bridgestone’s VF VT-TRACTOR tyre offers a larger, but above all longer contact patch with the ground for better protection of your land. By investing in this type of tyre, agricultural contracting companies can improve their operational efficiency while reducing their impact on the environment.

This tyre provides better traction than a standard tyre, which leads to greater efficiency in carrying out the various agricultural tasks to be done. You will be able to finish the job quicker and more efficiency while protecting the productivity of the land and avoiding costs linked to soil rehabilitation work.

Low-pressure VF VT-TRACTOR tyres for soil preservation
Low-pressure VF VT-TRACTOR tyres for soil preservation


2. A more solid agricultural tyre for better wear resistance

Certain tyres such as the VX-TRACTOR tyre are specially designed to cope with increased wear, resulting from intensive use on the road or the transport of heavy loads by the powerful tractors owned by your agricultural contracting company. Their ingenious design gives them exceptional durability, even in the harshest conditions.

VX-TRACTOR tyres to equip your agricultural contracting company
VX-TRACTOR tyres to equip your agricultural contracting company

A thicker tread

These high-tech tyres are built around a casing made up of 6 overlapping layers, which are more solid thanks to specific plant-based oil compounds that are resistant to wear and thanks to a thicker layer of rubber. 
The casing basically contains 20% more rubber than standard agricultural tyres. This extends the tyre lifespan by thousands of hours, representing a pot of gold for agricultural contracting companies.

VX-TRACTOR tyres are more wear resistant
VX-TRACTOR tyres are more wear resistant

A higher load capacity

The VX-TRACTOR tyre is an ideal choice for agricultural contracting firms who need tyres that are capable of bearing heavy loads frequently. With its ultra-resistant casing which increases the load capacity and its enhanced durability, this tyre provides a clear advantage in terms of reducing the costs linked to wear in difficult conditions.

VX-TRACTOR tyres suited to heavy loads and transport
VX-TRACTOR tyres suited to heavy loads and transport

A reduction in the frequency of tyre replacement

VX-TRACTOR tyres are perfectly suited to agricultural contracting companies with their intensive transport requirements. A casing that is more resistant to overheating on the road, more rubber and better wear resistance make this one of the tyres models that has to be replaced least frequently, which leads to substantial long-term savings. By reducing the costs linked to tyre replacements, you can maximise your productivity and your profitability.


3. A tyre suited to lighter tractors

Designed for lighter, multi-purpose tractors in the 135 hp range, VX-R TRACTOR tyres are ideal for a range of varied mixed crop-livestock farming activities. This tyre is suited to more varied multipurpose uses, offering an ideal compromise for tasks such as transport by road, crop farming on small plots of land, specific activities such as sowing or livestock management.

The advantages for agricultural contracting companies of using VX-R TRACTOR tyres are multiple:

Less costly, so more profitable models

This tyre model is generally cheaper than the more high-tech ranges for powerful tractors, which is an important financial advantage for agricultural contractors, in particular in a context where cost management is essential for the profitability of their activities. By opting for VX-R TRACTOR tyres, agricultural contractors can equip themselves with highly efficient multi-use tyres, with major advantages, while making substantial savings on their tractor equipment related costs.

More versatile VX-R TRACTOR tyres
More versatile VX-R TRACTOR tyres

A high performance multi-use tyre

VX-R TRACTOR tyres offer, inter alia:
  • A wider tread for better traction,
  • A unique lug profile for better transmission of power to the ground,
  • Optimised lead to improve efficiency,
  • Greater wear resistance to increase the tyre’s lifespan,
  • A robust casing to improve damage resistance,
  • Reduced fuel consumption,
  • More sustainable development.

Its performance levels make it an excellent choice for light tractors used for a wide range of agricultural operations by agricultural contracting companies. The innovative design makes the tyre suitable for multipurpose use, whether for work in the farm courtyard or livestock buildings, for work in the fields: harvesting, sowing… or even for transport. This versatility allows agricultural contractors to optimise the use of their equipment throughout the year, adapting to the changing needs of their customers based on the different agricultural seasons.



4. Which tyre for harvesting operations?

Harvesting campaigns are critical moments during which soil preservation is essential. Faced with the considerable weight of the harvesting machines, it is highly recommended to opt for suitable tyres which minimise the impact on the soil. So which tyres should you choose to protect your clients’ land?

VF VT-Combine tyres suitable for agricultural contractors’ harvesting campaigns
VF VT-Combine tyres suitable for agricultural contractors’ harvesting campaigns

The VT-COMBINE tyre: the best choice for harvesting

Harvesting machines such as combine-harvesters and silage harvesters exert significant pressure on the ground. However, thanks to tyres that are specially designed for harvesting, such as the VT-COMBINE, it is possible to limit this compaction. This premium tyre made by Bridgestone allows you to maintain a moderate pressure with very high loads.

For example:

  • Using size 800/70 R 38 VT-Combine CFO tyres you can work at a pressure of 2.4 bar at 15 km/h during cyclic operations. This represents a load capacity of 13,950 kg and therefore a total front axle weight of 27,900 kg.

  • When using duals (like in the image above) you can work at a pressure of 1.2 bar at 15 km/h during cyclic operations. This represents a load capacity of 14,745 kg for each set of duals, i.e. a total for the front axle of 29,490 kg.

(Be careful to take account of any load transfer, for example when working on sloping land).

Optimal traction

VT-COMBINE tyres offer a very high level of traction thanks to their larger, longer soil footprint and their specific Involute lug design. These characteristics allow them to spread the weight of the machine more efficiently, thus reducing the pressure exerted on the ground. Consequently, this limits soil compaction and protects the soil structure, while fostering future crop health.

Better long-term productivity

By opting for VT-COMBINE tyres, agricultural contractors can guarantee their clients a significant reduction in soil compaction. Depending on the harvesting season and the type of ground, soil rehabilitation work may turn out to be unnecessary for your client, leading to both time and fuel savings.  In this way, agricultural contractors can offer quality harvesting services while protecting the long-term productivity of their clients’ land.

Coulon agricultural contracting company harvesters
Coulon agricultural contracting company harvesters

High-tech tyres offer a multitude of advantages for agricultural contractors. They represent an investment that can improve the overall efficiency of agricultural operations. They make it possible to improve the level of service, for example during wet spells, when only high-tech tyres such as the VT-TRACTOR tyre can guarantee a clean, efficient job while ensuring optimal soil conditions for future crops. By investing in good tyres, agricultural contractors can optimise their operations as well as contributing to the protection of their clients’ land, which strengthens their reputation as well as boosting customer loyalty.


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