Farmer testimonials on agricultural tyres

Farmer testimonials on Bridgestone agricultural tyres

When it comes to replacing the tyres on one of your agricultural machines, the choice of brand and model can make all the difference to your everyday activities. Bridgestone, renowned for its superior quality and advance technology, has allowed many farmers to transform the way they work. These farmer testimonials offer precious insight into the real impact on performance, durability and return on investment with these high-tech tyres.
Whether you are considering your next purchase or simply curious to know how to improve your agricultural practices, these testimonials will provide you with precious and practical information, directly from the mouths of those who live the Bridgestone experience on an everyday basis. Discover why other farmers trust Bridgestone to  accompany them on their daily rounds, season after season.

In this article, we talk to farmers who have chosen Bridgestone agricultural tyres and who share their experience with us.

1. Farmer testimonials: tractor equipped with VX-R Tractor tyres for cereal crops

Stéphane VANDEWALLE: from dealership to farmer

Stéphane VANDEWALLE made the career swap from sales rep to farmer, a choice guided by his deep passion for the land, and brings us his very interesting double vision of agricultural tyres, Today, he runs a farm in Charmont-sur-Barbuise in France, in partnership with his brother-in-law Nicolas.

He recounts his experience with Bridgestone’s VX-R TRACTOR tyres, first as a tractor and agricultural machine salesman at a dealership, then for his own tractors as a farmer.

Farmer testimonial on VX-R TRACTOR agricultural tyres
Farmer testimonial on VX-R TRACTOR agricultural tyres

Search for a more premium tyre:

“Nowadays farmers pay close attention to their tyres for several reasons. We really wear them down because we cover a lot of distance, tractors drive at 50km/h and are getting heavier and heavier. So entrepreneurs and farmers choose top-of-the-range tyres to obtain a better return on their investment. Today, the Bridgestone brand really has its place among premium agricultural tyre brands”.

VX-R TRACTOR tyres are perfectly suited to travel by road
VX-R TRACTOR tyres are perfectly suited to travel by road

Customers who have been pleasantly surprised:

He talks about his past experience as a tractor salesman at a dealership.

“We have premium customers who are really looking for top-of-the range products. And it’s true that today, when they try Bridgestone, they are frankly pleasantly surprised by the use, the driving comfort and the durability over time.”

VX-R TRACTOR tyres, very good driving comfort
VX-R TRACTOR tyres, very good driving comfort

Positive feedback on the brand

“These customers have used Bridgestone tyres for 2 to 3,000 hours.  And when it was time to change their tractors, they demanded Bridgestone tyres! The positive feedback on this brand for agricultural tyres principally concerns the soil footprint and the height of the lugs. It’s the tyre on the market today with the longest lugs and they last very well over time and have a good self-cleaning capacity.”

VX-R TRACTOR very large soil footprint
VX-R TRACTOR very large soil footprint

A cost of use per hour that is lower than standard models

Stéphane ends his testimonial by insisting on the performance of his Bridgestone VX-R TRACTOR tyres:

“Even if these tyres are more expensive, in the end the cost of use per hour is lower. And as I say  in my jargon, cheap goods are for the rich.”



VX-R TRACTOR tyre: designed to optimise lead

VX-R TRACTOR tyres are designed to optimise lead. This equipment represents a judicious investment for farmers looking for enhanced performance, optimised profitability and more sustainable farming.

The key points for VX-R TRACTOR agricultural tyres:

  • Optimised lead at a ratio of around 2.5% for a longer tyre lifespan
  • Better synchronisation between front and rear wheels, reducing slip and tyre wear
  • Improved traction capacity leading to better work efficiency
  • Wider tread for an even distribution of weight, reducing soil compaction and encouraging higher yields
  • Robust design with reinforced sidewalls and a plant-based oil compound for better resistance to wear and damages
  • Reduced fuel consumption thanks to complete optimisation limiting any loss of energy.

The benefits of having a good lead ratio:

  • Money saved on tyre replacement costs
  • Better traction and work efficiency
  • Preservation of soil health to obtain higher yields
  • Protection of the tractor’s mechanical parts
  • Fuel savings linked to better energy efficiency with your tractor.



2. Farmer testimonials: tractor fitted with VF VT-TRACTOR tyres for vegetable crops

Gaël BLARD, organic vegetable and aromatic herb farmer

Gaël BLARD, a farmer in Montmeyran, France, uses VF technology tyres  on his 70-hectare farm.  He explains that the type of crops he grows requires a lot of maintenance, but his VF VT-TRACTOR tyres combined with a central inflation system make his job much easier.

Farmer testimonial on VT-TRACTOR agricultural tyres
Farmer testimonial on VT-TRACTOR agricultural tyres

A high capacity for soil structure preservation

“VF technology allows us a very wide range of pressure settings. It’s true that we use a very low pressure for some tasks, sometimes 700 grammes, for soil preparation for example. We need to avoid damaging the soil structure as much as possible, so that next season the vegetable roots can develop properly.”

VF VT-TRACTOR tyres used at a low inflation pressure
VF VT-TRACTOR tyres used at a low inflation pressure

More work completed with the same amount of fuel

“We can work with quite a low inflation pressure in the fields, which protects the structure of the soil and also limits slip considerably, leading to a reduction in fuel consumption. In half an hour the tractor will have covered a greater distance, so completed more work with the same amount 
of fuel.”
VF VT-TRACTOR tyres lead to reduced fuel consumption
VF VT-TRACTOR tyres lead to reduced fuel consumption


VF VT-TRACTOR tyres: better soil preservation

Thanks to its wider, longer soil footprint, to their VF technology which allows them to work at low pressure and the innovative lug design, Bridgestone’s VT-TRACTOR tyres protect the soil structure and optimise traction capacity.

These tyres also contribute to reducing daily operating costs and as such to improving farm profitability.

The key points for VF VT-TRACTOR tyres:

  • Larger footprint to reduce soil compaction and optimise crop development
  • VF technology (Very High Flexion) for highly efficient work at low pressure  (0.6 to 0.8 bar)
  • Optimised traction even in wet conditions for quicker more efficient work
  • Involute lug design for better self-cleaning, better traction and less wear
  • Increased load capacity by 40% compared to standard tyres, to limit transport cycles
  • Reduction in fuel consumption thanks to minimised rolling resistance.

The advantages of the VT-TRACTOR tyre:

  • Better soil preservation
  • Quicker, more efficient work for better yields
  • Reduction in slip ratio
  • Reduced tyre wear
  • Optimised fuel consumption  
  • Savings on the cost of soil aeration work
  • Reduced maintenance work.



3. Farmer testimonials: Tractor fitted with VX-TRACTOR tyres for  an agricultural contractor

Philippe BERTRAND: farmer and agricultural contractor

Philippe BERTRAND is very satisfied with the durability of the VX-TRACTOR tyres compared to his previous tyres, despite use in harsh conditions for construction work.

Farmer testimonial regarding VX-TRACTOR tyres
Farmer testimonial regarding VX-TRACTOR tyres

A low level of wear despite extremely intensive use

“We fitted our tractor with VX-TRACTOR tyres almost two years ago. For me, the tractor is used mostly for transport with heavily loaded trailers. These tyres are only half worn and we have used them for practically 2,000 hours. With the previous tyres, we were considering changing them at around 2,000 hours.”

VX-TRACTOR tyres, use for construction work
VX-TRACTOR tyres, use for construction work

On the road, the pitching effect is almost cancelled out

“These tyres handle very well. We ask a lot from them bearing in mind the relief, the load, the bends, the attraction to the ground and we always drive on tarmac, on coated road surfaces, but we are very happy. During transport by road, the pitching effect is almost cancelled out and in terms of wear, it seems like they hardly wear at all, despite working in harsh conditions.”

VX-TRACTOR tyres – resistant to wear and intensive road use
VX-TRACTOR tyres – resistant to wear and intensive road use

Very good customer care by Bridgestone

Philippe also adds a few words about Bridgestone’s customer care:

“We have great customer care from Bridgestone who visit regularly. They come and measure the tyres regularly. We have a great dialogue between us. We talk about use of the tyre, how it handles… We can reach them by phone, without difficulty. I have already recommended these tyres to friends and colleagues.”

Bridgestone customer care
Bridgestone customer care


The particularities of Bridgestone’s VX-TRACTOR tyre

Bridgestone’s VX-TRACTOR tyre offers excellent longevity compared to its competitors.

The key points for VX-TRACTOR agricultural tyres:

  • Patented “Involute” lug profile for better traction and increased resistance to wear
  • Up to 20% more rubber for a longer wear life
  • Wide range of pressure settings from 0.6 to 2.4 bar, with a bonus load of up to 3 bar, for better load resistance
  • Reinforced casing for greater durability, even with heavy loads
  • Specific rubber compound made with plant-based oil for improved wear resistance.

The advantages of the VX-Tractor tyre:

  • Very long wear life
  • Reduction in operating costs in the long run
  • Better adherence and traction in all conditions
  • Safer and more comfortable driving
  • Optimised fuel consumption.



Farmer testimonials are more pertinent than any sales pitch. Bridgestone is a brand which excels in technical tyres that are optimised to improve your production capacity, whatever your activity.

Opting for the Bridgestone brand will ensure that you have high-performance, reliable tyres which will enable you to work more efficiently and save time. You will also benefit from lasting and profitable solutions which reduce your operating costs in the long term.

Join the many professional farmers who place their trust in Bridgestone and optimise your efficiency and profitability right away!


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