Incorrect ballasting: what are the risks for my tractor tyres

Ballasting is often indispensable for your tractor and mounted implements to ensure that your operations take place in the best possible conditions. Depending on the work to be done, you will need to use different implements whose mass ratio for the tractor will more or less significant.

The risks of incorrect ballasting differ considerably depending on your situation, if your tractor is too...

Why your tyres’ speed index is primordial

Your tractor tyres were designed and tested to correspond optimally to a very precise use, unlike other vehicle tyres (car, motorbike….). You are going to put them severely to the test during your daily work and you would like them to be indestructible, solid, supple, long-lasting and multi-resistant. High quality tyres have been tested for use on all types of terrain during unladen trips and...

How your tractor tyres affect your fuel expenses

If you have always had a doubt about the link between your tractor tyres and your fuel consumption and you have convinced yourself that just by driving a little slower on the road you can reduce the cost….. Then think again! There is a direct link between your tractor tyres and your fuel consumption and those who have understood this manage to reduce their fuel consumption by 30%. Given that...

When does a split make it necessary to replace your tractor tyres?

Farming tyres are becoming increasingly technological, specialising to meet the specific needs of each of your activities. Whether you are driving a lot on the roads between your fields, transporting your harvest, working in the farmyard or mainly in the fields, your tyres need to perform properly however you use them.

Regular inspection of your farm tyres will help you to maintain them, and...

7 advantages of low-pressure tyres compared to normal tyres

If you have to change your tractor tyres, you will be faced with the problem of choice. There are so many options and different brands available that this choice is often a real headache. You may well tell yourself that the simplest thing to do is to take the same tyres as last time, to make your life easy. However, you now have a real opportunity to improve your tractor’s capacities. This...

Farming tyres, pressure monitoring or full Central Tyre Inflation System CTIS

It may well seem easier to choose a mid-range pressure at 1.2 bar which can be acceptable for road transport and acceptable for field work. Choosing to compromise with this in-between solution would have terrible consequences on your profitability, although you may not be aware of it. On the road, you consume more fuel and your tyres wear out more quickly. In the fields, you spin more, the...

Which is the best tyre for field crop farming?

Your farm specialises in field crops. For wheat, rapeseed, barley, corn or beetroot… and for your various ploughing, sowing, spraying or harvesting activities you can increase your yield by optimising your equipment and in particular your tyres, which are the sole connection between the soil and your farm machinery. There are as many different tyre models and possibilities as there are...

Expert opinion on soil compaction caused by tractor tyres

Soil compaction is one of the major factors in the deterioration of agricultural land (after hydraulic erosion).

Interview with Hubert Boizard - INRA

Hubert BOIZARD managed the Agro Impact research unit at INRA in Laon-Estrées Mons (France). He took part in and coordinated a great deal of research work including soil compaction studies.

Golden rules for managing tyre breakdowns during the harvest

When the wheat has ripened and the humidity level is right, the harvest should begin right away and the equipment must be operational so that you can start work immediately. The slightest breakdown or tyre damage is like the sword of Damocles for the farmer, because the harvest is the culmination of his work and there is often a rush to complete the task before any crop deterioration occurs.

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