Increase the yield of your sprayer with narrow VF tyres

Spraying machinery is developing rapidly, bigger, heavier, more powerful and multi-purpose, it requires that you assess your tyres to ensure that you are not damaging your crops or causing harm to your soil.

Whether you are using a tractor with a sprayer or a self-propelled sprayer, you will need to drive on roads and in the fields in the best possible conditions, whatever the type of soil...

Distribution of weight: ballast with liquid in the tyres or cast iron weights

To avoid extreme situations, it is essential to distribute the weight correctly on your tractor to lower its centre of gravity when using certain machinery such as a forklift attachment or any tool which causes imbalance with a heavy load.

More often, correct distribution of weight will avoid excessive spinning which reduces your productivity, slows down your work rate and damages your soil.

Agricultural tyres: +37% wear due to misalignment

There are many possible causes of wear to your agricultural tyres, some of the most frequent being geometric errors: it is these errors that lead to most rapid wear of the rubber in your tyres. To ensure your settings are spot-on, you must know how to establish whether it’s a problem of misalignment or camber and what the difference is between the two.

Regular check-ups will allow you to ...

The 3 best techniques for storing your agricultural tyres

What are the consequences of bad storage of your seasonal equipment’s agricultural tyres or your tractor tyres during the winter?What might happen, for example, if you leave the tyres on a stationary machine after its last use, without modifying their pressure or position?

In this case, the mass of the tractor squashes the tyre and only the part of the sidewall closest to the ground is...

Standard farming tyre or forestry tractor tyre for deforestation?

What are the main differences between a standard farming tyre and a forestry tractor tyre? This is the question that you need to ask when you decide to use your normal tractor for deforestation of your fields without replacing your standard tyres.

Using unsuitable equipment can cost you a lot of money, there’s a strong chance that your standard agricultural tyre will not resist for long in...

Cheap agricultural tyres, discount agricultural tyres, is it worth it?

Your tractor tyres are worn and must inevitably be changed. Of course, it’s tempting to opt for a cheap or discount agricultural tyre - low-cost, unknown brand - with the evident advantage of an immediate reduction of costs. You may feel like you got a good deal and saved on costs.

But is this really the best choice? In use, will this really be the best option and after a few ploughing...

4000 euros in savings per year by chosing a better agricultural tyre

Did you know that using a good tractor tyre can lead to considerable savings? Up to €4,000 per year depending on the size and quality of the agricultural tyre used.

Why and how can there be such a difference between using a good tyre and a cheap tractor tyre or discount agricultural tyre? Under what heading do these savings come?

What are the consequences of excessive weight on my tractor tyres?

Agricultural tyres are generally pretty tough and resistant to heavy loads. During harvesting for example, the tyres of your trailers carry heavy loads and your tractor, to which you add increasingly heavy tools, must be capable of handling this increased weight.

However, you must be careful never to exceed the manufacture’s recommendations, the axle load limits and the maximum loaded speed...

Beware of the lead on four wheel drive tractors

If you’ve noticed that your front tyres wear more rapidly than your back tyres, t’s certainly because the lead ratio is wrong.

But do you know what lead is? It’s the synchronisation between the front and rear axle, and with the right adjustment it should allow your front axle to pull slightly more than the rear axle. In this case, your tractor’s pulling power will be perfect.

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