5 essential techniques to optimise your agricultural tyres

Often underestimated, agricultural tyres play several essential roles to which we do not pay much attention in general; yet by optimising certain settings you can considerably improve your tractor’s performance and boost its productivity.

The tyre is the main actor in transmitting power to the ground, making it your principal ally in the pulling power of your vehicle. Mechanical settings,...

12 tips to better manage the pressure of your agricultural tyres

Simply by adjusting the pressure of your agricultural tyres before using your tractor, you can avoid many inconveniences. On road surfaces, under inflating your tyres will accelerate wear to the tyre rubber, while over inflating may lead to accidents while driving fast and encourage the development of ruts and soil compaction in your fields.

By checking your tyre pressure regularly, you can...

Buying guide: 10 important tips for choosing the right farming tyres

While they are often overlooked in the search for the best tractor and the most powerful engine, tyres play a key role in your farming work. They are the main link between your machine and the soil, they guarantee your security, facilitate a better yield and improve your working conditions.

However, to buy the best farming tyres there are a few things you should take into consideration to...

What is the link between the agricultural tyre and the farmer’s health

When discussing tractor tyres, we often talk about soil preservation, crop yields and the use of low-pressure tyres to avoid soil compaction, but there is another aspect linked to your agricultural tyres which is rarely mentioned: preserving the farmer’s health!

You are the keystone of your farm, the director of your business and without you nothing is possible, so preserving your health is...

Farm management: -30% less consumption for your tractors

Fuel represents 30% of energy consumption in farming and is one of your farm’s highest annual expenses. The good news is that you can reduce the bill by making a few simple adjustments and by adopting the right overall management strategy.

It’s more a question of choice than a question of means. By following simple advice on a regular basis, you can improve your profitability and your...

3 soil conditions to understand to avoid compaction by your tractor tyres

A thorough knowledge of the soil in your fields will allow you to work more efficiently, to avoid excessive compacting and to optimise your yield.

Pressure: it’s the volume of air in the tractor tyre that counts

You must always bear in mind that the only link between your machine (its power, its weight) and the ground, is your tyre. That is why this part of the equipment, which is essential to work successfully, is so important.

The mass borne by your tractor tyres depends essentially on the quantity of air contained in each tyre, so either you force compressible air into the tyre or you increase...

What are the disadvantages of using water ballast in tractor tyres?

Do you need more weight? Inflating your tractor tyres with water can improve their grip more cheaply than adding metal weights.

However, this solution comes with several drawbacks that are not often talked about, and beyond the indisputable initial savings from this solution, in the long term, it’s not as obvious. Water ballast can work out more expensive and more demanding, on a daily...

How to reduce soil compaction after harvesting?

The harvesting period often sees an increase in the traffic of heavy machinery in your fields, the combine harvesters and the comings and goings of loaded trailers generate soil compaction which can be severe.

The catch crops will have very little impact on overly compacted soil and the solution is deep groundwork, with tilling being the optimal solution.

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