Which is the best tyre for field crop farming?

Your farm specialises in field crops. For wheat, rapeseed, barley, corn or beetroot… and for your various ploughing, sowing, spraying or harvesting activities you can increase your yield by optimising your equipment and in particular your tyres, which are the sole connection between the soil and your farm machinery. There are as many different tyre models and possibilities as there are...

Expert opinion on soil compaction caused by tractor tyres

Soil compaction is one of the major factors in the deterioration of agricultural land (after hydraulic erosion).

Interview with Hubert Boizard - INRA

Hubert BOIZARD managed the Agro Impact research unit at INRA in Laon-Estrées Mons (France). He took part in and coordinated a great deal of research work including soil compaction studies.

Golden rules for managing tyre breakdowns during the harvest

When the wheat has ripened and the humidity level is right, the harvest should begin right away and the equipment must be operational so that you can start work immediately. The slightest breakdown or tyre damage is like the sword of Damocles for the farmer, because the harvest is the culmination of his work and there is often a rush to complete the task before any crop deterioration occurs.

How to adjust wheel alignment and avoid wearing out my tractor tyres

Irregular wear to your tractor tyres is an early warning sign. Whether the tyre is worn on the inside or outside, there is probably a problem with the alignment, which is one of the main adjustment problems in agricultural tyres, which include incorrect parallelism. Over a certain period, this defect can cause up to 30% more wear to the tyres than if the problem is corrected. This represents...

How to get rid of the tractor tyre pressure adjustment step

You certainly think that this problem does not arise, because you do not currently take the time to change the pressure between the road and the fields, often due to lack of time and because this operation seems secondary to you compared to the urgency of the work that you are going to do.

Yet the financial consequences of the failure to adapt your tyre pressure between different types of...

Differences between discount and quality tractor tyres

It’s often difficult to understand the difference in price between different brands of tractor tyre when buying new tyres and you are faced with this problem. Is it necessary to choose a more expensive quality equipment or can you opt for the cheapest, low-end tyre which costs less?

To help you with your choice, here are the differences between a discount tractor tyre and a more high-tech...

10 tips to reduce abnormal wear to your farming tyres

The budget for replacing your tractor tyres can be greatly reduced, not by buying lower quality, discount agricultural tyres, but by inspecting your tyres regularly and understanding why they wear out so quickly.

Your tyres can wear down prematurely through a multitude of causes: incorrect wheel alignment, over or underinflation, overloading, incompatibility with machinery, etc.

What you need to know about soil compaction caused by your tractor tyres

The quality of the soil on your land is a key factor in producing more. It’s your most precious asset and it would be a shame if the repeated agricultural machinery and trailer traffic were to alter so decisive an element for your economic balance. Did you know that excessive soil compaction could lead to a loss of yield of 20 to 50% in a few years?

This compaction impedes the regeneration...

Info to help you know your agricultural tyres better and make savings

Did you know that you could extend the useful life of your agricultural tyres considerably simply by following the indications which are inscribed on your tyres, such as the load and speed index? You can also make your tyres last longer by maintaining them properly and by managing their storage better when they are not being used.

The simplest solution is to get a better understanding of the...

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