Farming tyres are becoming increasingly technological, specialising to meet the specific needs of each of your activities. Whether you are driving a lot on the roads between your fields, transporting your harvest, working in the farmyard or mainly in the fields, your tyres need to perform

How to adjust wheel alignment and avoid wearing out my tractor tyres

Irregular wear to your tractor tyres is an early warning sign. Whether the tyre is worn on the inside or outside, there is probably a problem with the alignment, which is one of the main adjustment problems in agricultural tyres, which include incorrect parallelism. Over a certain period, this defect can cause up to 30% more wear to the tyres than if the problem is corrected. This represents...

5 essential techniques to optimise your agricultural tyres

Often underestimated, agricultural tyres play several essential roles to which we do not pay much attention in general; yet by optimising certain settings you can considerably improve your tractor’s performance and boost its productivity.

The tyre is the main actor in transmitting power to the ground, making it your principal ally in the pulling power of your vehicle. Mechanical settings,...

Farm management: -30% less consumption for your tractors

Fuel represents 30% of energy consumption in farming and is one of your farm’s highest annual expenses. The good news is that you can reduce the bill by making a few simple adjustments and by adopting the right overall management strategy.

It’s more a question of choice than a question of means. By following simple advice on a regular basis, you can improve your profitability and your...

Beware of the lead on four wheel drive tractors

If you’ve noticed that your front tyres wear more rapidly than your back tyres, t’s certainly because the lead ratio is wrong.

But do you know what lead is? It’s the synchronisation between the front and rear axle, and with the right adjustment it should allow your front axle to pull slightly more than the rear axle. In this case, your tractor’s pulling power will be perfect.

Manage your pressure to the ground to make your agricultural tyres last longer

To reduce your agricultural tyre budget and prevent your tyres from wearing too rapidly you need to adapt your choice of tyre and adjust your tyres optimally, making it essential to know the loads applied to each axle of your vehicle. It is the load that effectively determines the degree of pressure to your tyres and as such their wear...

Which agricultural tyres improve the tractive force of your tractor?

In general, your tractor’s pulling power is associated only with its engine power. However, tyres play a fundamental role in improving traction and are widely underestimated or neglected. It is the tyres which transmit your tractor’s power to the ground to generate the tractive force. Your tyres are therefore the sole link between vehicle and ground.

How to manage your tractor tyres’ slip ratio

Does earth accumulate between the lugs of your tractor tyre? Controlling your slip ratio can contribute significantly to improving work efficiency and therefore reduce the time spent on this type of activity.

Several key elements depend on your tractor’s spin ratio. Indeed, poor management of this ratio leads to smoothing and soil compaction. The smoothing of the furrow bottom reinforces the...

Your braking capacity depends directly on your tractor tyres

Are your certain that you always know your tractor’s braking capacity? When you drive with a full trailer, have you asked yourself what stopping distance is necessary in the event of emergency braking? Your tractor tyres play a decisive role in your capacity to brake rapidly and certain tyres can help you win a few meters whereas others require almost double the distance for your trailer to...

Tractor tyres are crucial for successful ploughing

Preparing the structure of the soil is vital to ensure your next crop emerges rapidly and regularly and to facilitate the circulation of vehicles and tooling.Unfortunately, a bad choice of tyre, incorrect tyre pressure or ill-adapted tyre size may squash your ploughing work and result in excessive soil compaction, leading to an uneven surface and overly compacted areas which will reduce the...

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