How can I be sure that my agricultural tyres are always at the right pressure

Managing your tyre pressure is a daily constraint and regrettably a lot of us don’t take the time to make the necessary adjustments, preferring to use an intermediate pressure level which can adapt to all situations and all soil types. This is unfortunately the most expensive option.

Yes, you’ll save a few minutes per day, but as a result...
  • Your tyres will wear out much more quickly,
  • You will consume between 15 to 29% more fuel than if you adjust your tyre pressure,
  • Your slip ratio is often excessive (and you will end up wasting the time that you thought you were saving by not adjusting the pressure),
  • The soil in your fields will undergo excessive compaction and your productivity will drop year after year.

You know that your profitability is often the result of your capacity to manage each of the tasks that you cover during the day and that it’s usually easier in the long run to do things right. So, here is the permanent solution to having the right tyre pressure, at all times, for all circumstances and without losing a minute.


Your central tyre inflation system (CTIS) will have paid for itself within just one year

remote inflation of the agricultural tyreYes, that’s what you read, CTIS will reimburse itself within the first year and enable you to reduce your costs as of the second year and for the following years.

The difference will be made especially on fuel costs. All manufacturer studies show a fuel consumption reduction of 20 to 30%.

But where you’ll really see a difference is in your grip which will be improved by around 35%.

Soil compaction is also greatly reduced, your yield will increase by around 4% and your global productivity will increase by around 7%. Overall, it’s an investment that will allow you to improve your profitability for a long time, starting the second year.


Installation of a CTIS systems for agricultural tyres

A CTIS system allows you to manage your tyre pressure directly through a switch in the cabin. In more sophisticated models, you can adjust the pressure while driving, without leaving the cabin, and go from road to field without stopping, the pressure will increase on the road and reduce as you enter the field.

How to install it?

If your tractor is equipped with an air brake system, your parts supplier will link it to the CTIS by installing a valve make way for the air flow towards the brakes.

Remote inflation of tractor tyres with compressorIf your tractor is equipped with hydraulic brakes, your supplier will install a compressor suited to your specific use (for example for use with a trailer).

The air is transported from your tractor to the turning wheels through an airtight circuit of rotary seals.

The time required to inflate or deflate depends on the flow of your compressor, the number of wheels, and the size of each tyre, but on average it takes around 3 minutes to increase by 1 bar of pressure and deflating is always faster, around 1 minute to increase by 1 bar.


The advantages of constantly optimal pressure

If your tractor is equipped with VF tyres you will use this tool optimally. As you drive, you can switch from 4 bar on the road to 0.8 bar in your field, you can adapt the pressure to avoid spinning and depending on the system you choose, you may have automatic functions which will adjust the tyre pressure for you, so that you always have the best slip ratio.

Certain systems are equipped with a GPS which allows for automatic adjustment of pressure depending on your location, the ground and the detected grip of the tractor. As well as reducing your fuel consumption, you will increase the lifespan of your tyres by 25% as opposed to using an intermediate pressure level for all uses.


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