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The latest generation agricultural tyres improve your safety

The air pressure in your tractor tyres, the choice of associated technology, the general condition of your tractor are all factors which allow you to carry out your daily tasks in the best possible safety conditions.

Safety is vital today for tractor drivers.

The risk of overturning due to loss of grip or transport of heavy loads is high. The explosion of a tyre also seems to be common.

To counter this problem, multiple technologies are at your disposal to guarantee the best safety possible and to protect your health.

Check that your tyres are adapted to your activity

VF (Very High Flexion) tyres offer great flexibility of the sidewalls which in turn leads to a reduction in vibrations and shocks for the driver.

At the same time, they bring a considerable increase in the soil footprint without affecting the tyre’s lifespan.

Lastly, thanks to this technology, the tractor can bear an additional load of up to 40%.

The VT-TRACTOR brings a series of technological advances with its new “Involute” lug design. Representing the interface between ground and tyre, these lugs allow perfect adaptation to the multiple conditions in which the tractor is used…. Slip and horizontal soil compaction are reduced and grip improved. Motricity and comfort for work in the fields and safety, braking excellence and precision driving on the road are also features provided by this technology.


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The blog is written and administered by tractor tyre experts who are available to provide you with the advice you need to help you to maximise your productivity: Technical data for agricultural tyres — Agricultural tyre performance — Air pressure advice — Solutions to avoid soil compaction — Sprayer tyre pressure — etc.

To take it one step further and learn more about the risks linked to the use of unsuitable agricultural tyres or the dangers of inappropriate tyre pressure, download the free white paper below:

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This information is intended only to make you aware of the technical and functional aspects of agricultural tires and their use. It does not allow you to make a judgment or a definitive conclusion on a given problem. Only your agricultural tire expert is able to make a technical assessment and take a final decision, case by case.

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