Hi-tech agricultural tyre for harvest

A hi-tech agricultural tyre to save time during your harvest

There’s just a month and a half left to prepare your harvest.
This important period can become a nightmare if your machinery doesn’t perform or if you haven’t prepared your harvester correctly. It will have to work intensively during your harvestwhich represents an important part of your revenue and often the return on investment for your year’s work.

So, how can you harvest more quickly when the time slots can be short between two weather alerts, how can you increase the capacity of your existing combine-harvester and guarantee a speedy and successful harvest?

By increasing the tractive force and the load capacity of your harvester, you will save several hours on your harvesting time, these precious hours before a potential storm may be the key to your year’s profitability.

tyre harvester load capacity

By replacing the tyres of your harvester with the best harvesting tyres on the market, you will transform your farm machinery and protect your upcoming crop harvest.

It would be a pity if an incident or the use of discount agricultural tyres were to prevent you from working for half a day or a full day, at the most important period of the year.


There are many advantages to a high technology harvesting tyre:

tyre harvests extra load without risk

+55% dadditional load with no risks

The latest generation of harvesting tyres (VF technology) has a casing with a reinforced structure to carry up to 55% additional load. This makes it possible to cover a greater surface without stopping the harvester, to gain several hectares per day. The rotation of trailers to the silo can be less frequent without slowing your work down.

Increased tractive power

Your harvester’s tyre is your only contact with the ground. If you slip a little or if you spin regularly, you will increase your fuel consumption and slow down your harvesting tasks, losing easily up to an hour a day.

With dedicated new technology (IF or VF) harvesting tyres, you can reduce the pressure to increase the contact between the ground and the tyre. The lugs will grip the soil evenly with their full length and depth, spreading the tractive force over a larger surface. Spinning will be considerably reduced, and the tractive force will be better transmitted to the ground, enabling you to increase your speed and gain several hours by the end of the day.

Carry more weight while protecting your soil

When you hear “increased load” you tend to think of “increased soil compaction” and progressive damage, passage after passage, of the root systems of plants, reducing your production.

tractor tyre pressureHowever, the technology developed for the latest generation of tyres (VF technology) enables you to reduce the pressure to preserve the soil more than with cheap or worn agricultural tyre which will damage your plants and will not allow you to increase the load. The VF technology allows you to reduce the pressure sufficiently to increase the width of the surface resistance.

This wider contact area enables you to benefit from the whole width of the tyre, reducing the depth of the footprints. The contact area with the soil is larger and the load more evenly spread out.

TO CONCLUDE, choosing the best tyres for your combine-harvester, is a guarantee that you have done all you can for this important period of the year when your equipment is working to full capacity and really put to the test with long and intensive working days.


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