Bridgestone VF VT-tractor tyre

The VF agricultural tyre: VF technology increases your productivity

In farms which are increasingly large, with fields which are widely dispersed, farm machinery specialists have been looking closely into tools capable of facilitating the work of farmers, by allowing them to carry out a greater volume of work with reduced man hours.

These evolutions have not escaped the notice of the agricultural tyre industry which has come up with a solution in the shape of the VF technology.

VF tyre = 40% increase in load capacity

With its more flexible and resistant sidewall, the VF (for Very increased Flexion) agricultural tyre can transport up to 40% more weight than a standard tyre.

But the comparison doesn’t stop there as, for ploughing, a standard tyre which can carry five tonnes at 20 km/hour cannot be used much below 1.2 bar, while a VF tyre can be inflated as low as 0.8 bar.

This simple equation shows the capacities of VF tyres which, at the same speed, can carry a heavier load.

Your soil protected for increased productivity on your farm

The direct consequence of a pressure redesigned to be lighter: compaction of your crops will be much reduced. Even when carrying a heavier load, the tyre will sink less into the soil. A soil which has not been deteriorated by the passage of farm machinery will be easier to work with for future jobs.

The VF yre slots perfectly into a global soil protection process.

Control over costs

Among the constructors providing this top-end technology, Bridgestone Farming Tyres began selling their VF farming tyre under the brand VT Tractor at the end of 2014. At this time, the brands’ technical managers explained how they came to this exceptional design to provide a maximum of benefits in terms of soil preservation, control over operating costs and increased comfort.

Identical pressure on dry and wet terrains as well as road surfaces

Comfort is one of the advantages of this technology. The driving experience will be smoother and lighter for increased comfort for the driver who will not feel the bumps on the terrain as much.

The driver will also be able to achieve a full working day without wasting time adjusting their tyre pressure whether they are in a dry or wet field or on the road. Whatever the ground surface, the pressure of the four tyres can be maintained at around one bar. This will save a lot of time if you consider that a farmer can work in several fields which may be many kilometres apart.

The VF tyre is therefore perfectly suited to increasingly large farms...


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